Get Inspired For Your Big Day With Our Wedding Decoration Ideas

As you picture your dream wedding, what are you thinking about? Is it the perfect dress, the beautiful venue or seeing your future spouse as you walk down the aisle? Wherever your imagination takes you, you probably already feel the excitement for celebrating your love in front of your beloved friends and family.


Before you get too wrapped up in your dream wedding vision, you’ll want to spend time thinking about what you’ll be doing to decorate your venue. Your wedding decor sets the stage for your ceremony and reception, helping to foster the essence and mood your guests will feel while celebrating with you.


Choosing wedding decor doesn’t have to be a tumultuous task. Once you’ve created a list of what decor you need, you can use our wedding decoration ideas to prep for your big day.


What Wedding Decor Do I Need?


Wedding decor encompasses more than you may consider. Unless you’ve selected a costly full-service venue, you will be in charge of supplying all of your wedding decor. Your job is to make sure your guests can sense the theme of your wedding as soon as they reach your venue.


Traditionally, wedding decor usually incorporates:

  • Floral arrangements
  • Table centerpieces
  • Aisle decorations
  • Chair wraps or covers
  • Place cards
  • Welcome signs
  • Table numbers
  • A cake topper

This list is by no means exhaustive. The only real limit to choosing your decor is your budget and your imagination. That being said, it’s important to prioritize the decor that is most essential to your wedding. If you won’t keep it after your wedding, it may be something that isn’t worth investing too much in. Instead, consider having one or two pieces of decor that you splurge on and leave the rest well within your budget.


Tips for Planning Your Wedding Decor


Before you start cleaning, you should be aware that there are different cleaning processes for leather tack and synthetic tack. Leather should be treated with great care, as it is easy to ruin. Leaving it out in the heat or using too much soap can cause it to crack, and moisture can quickly cause mold. Synthetic tack can be cleaned with gentle soap and water and let out to dry without too much issue.


Before you go out and start buying your decor, take this advice into mind:


Think Big Picture


When thinking about wedding theme ideas, consider what mood you want to have at the wedding. Is it a classy, chic wedding or a rustic farmhouse style? Your decor should complement your theme without pulling in too many elements of another style.


Be careful of too-specific themes. Vendors may hear the word “beach-themed” and immediately think of cheap palm trees and drink umbrellas, which could leave your wedding looking more like a backyard luau than one of the biggest days of your life. Stick to more general ideas,

like “relaxed tropical” or “modern beach-inspired.”


Use Your Venue to Your Advantage


Using a wedding planner? As soon as you choose your wedding venue, reach out to him or her for their advice on decorations. If they’ll be doing the majority of your planning, they will need to know the constraints of your venue, along with any rules that may be in place.


Don’t Just Fill the Space


Adding decorations solely for the purpose of filling the venue can look tacky fast. Be intentional with the decor you use. It’s better to invest in a few things that look perfect rather than a bunch of items that just look alright. Even your guests with the most untrained eyes will appreciate a more cohesive look for your wedding.


Not to mention, this tactic saves you money too. With the average cost of a wedding being around $33,000, it’s not worth blowing your budget on flowers or table runners. Being conservative about your decorations leaves you more room in your budget for the things that matter.


Find Inspiration


Don’t rely on your imagination only when planning your wedding. Read every wedding magazine you see and then some. Get a Pinterest board or two and get to pinning your dream wedding ideas. The more references you have for your wedding decorations, the better.


For those using wedding planners, you may consider finding physical objects that represent your wedding theme ideas. It’s one thing to look at a computer screen, but being able to see the color in person can ensure that everything matches exactly how you’d like. Fabric samples, paint chips or fake flowers can help you to better match your perfect pieces of wedding decor.


Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and it should be exactly how you dreamed.


When you’re ready to plan your dream wedding, contact San Cayetano Ranch. Our scenic venue makes the perfect setting for weddings of all sizes.