Corporate Event Planning Tips For Your Next Gathering

All work and no play makes for a dull company. Keeping your employees energized and excited means that having fun events is a necessity. It can be a great way to celebrate, network and to spend time together that isn’t entirely focused on business.


While these events are an asset to your company’s wellbeing, the challenge comes in putting an event together. You will need to keep many variables and factors in mind during the planning process and will likely have to recruit the support of other employees. When it’s all finished, you will have an event that you can be proud of and that your coworkers will enjoy.


Wondering where to start when planning your corporate event? Look no further — we’ve listed some of the top tips for you.


Have an objective

Before you can start planning any of the details of your event, you need to know why you are celebrating in the first place. If the meeting is entirely internal, it may be for team building or to explain a new product or service offered. External meetings may be more for the general public with an emphasis on generating good PR for your company.


Having an objective means having goals set for your event, both quantitative and qualitative. While you may be hosting an event just to host it, it’s more likely you have a goal that you are striving to reach. Establish metrics for success early on so that you can reevaluate once the event is done.


Set a budget

Budgeting can be the most difficult part of planning an event. So much relies on being able to fit into your budget while still choosing activities and decorations that will excite your guests. One trade study found that budgets were the number one priority for corporate event planners in 2018 with a whopping 81.9% of the vote. In order for your corporate event to be successful, you’ll need to pay special attention to your budgeting constraints.


When you have set your budget you should immediately begin contacting vendors to get an idea of their pricing. Never get quotes from just one vendor — expand your reach and ask around. Make sure to be specific about your needs for the event so that they can give you a good estimate of your costs. Don’t think you have to choose the lowest priced option immediately either, as you may find a far superior vendor for only a bit more.


As a rule of thumb, you should expect to pay 15% more than you have budgeted. This will give you some wiggle room should more guests get added to the list or if the caterer has to change a meal last minute. Staying at or below budget prevents you from having to cut vital parts later.


Pick the right venue

A venue sets the stage for your event. The mood should match your event while giving plenty of space for guests to mingle. It can be challenging to find somewhere that fits into your budget and your timeline, which is why it’s so important to search for venues as soon as you start planning.


Choosing a venue may present several problems:

  • Too much/not enough space. Having a space where everyone is elbow-to-elbow won’t garner you great reviews of the event. That being said, you also don’t want a venue that feels massive and separates your guests. You want to have a space where people are free to move while still keeping them together in the same area.
  • No flow of space. You may need several areas for your event: an area for performers, a bar, room to sit or space for other entertainment. Your guests should be able to easily flow to these places without making a long journey or walking in front of or across other things happening. In addition to having enough space, the venue should have a cohesive floor plan too.
  • Accessibility. All of your guests should have no trouble getting to your event, whether by provided transportation or their own vehicles. Having some driving time isn’t necessarily bad, but you should keep commute time in mind while planning. If you never get out of the office, it may be fun to have an off-the-beaten-path venue!

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