Horses enjoying bermuda grass hay next to a trail at San Cayetano Ranch

Bermuda Grass Hay Bales

Wondering where to buy hay bales for sale? San Cayetano Ranch specializes in bermuda grass hay.


This hardy, warm season grass hay is a favorite for keeping horses, cattle and smaller livestock well-fed through the winter months.


San Cayetano Ranch is the only grower in the Tumacacori, AZ area specializing in 2-tie or 2-string hay bales, which are much smaller and lighter than the traditional 3-string bale. This makes our hay much easier to use, transport and manage. Our bales are only 50 to 70 pounds a piece!

In addition, San Cayetano Ranch is committed to natural growing methods. That means we only use  natural fertilizers and no herbicides or pesticides. So, it’s a great choice for your animals and the environment.


Contact us for more information on keeping your livestock well-fed this winter with quality bermuda grass hay.