About Our Historic Ranch

A couple of large, mature oak trees on our historic ranch near Tumacacori National Historical Park

The historic ranch's beginnings were first documented as part of the original native American settlement adjacent to the old Tumacacori Mission.  The mission  was founded in the 1600's and is now Tumacacori National Historical Park. The land latter became part of Baca Float #3, which was a large tract of land in dispute between the United States and Spanish settlers. 


Around the time Arizona became a state, the ranch was purchased by T.T. Pendleton. Soon after, Santa Gertrudis cattle were introduced from the King Ranch in Texas.  Several ranches of similar size were sold, and what is now San Cayetano Ranch was purchased by J.T Mallory, the VP of Buick Motor Division

 of Detroit, MI.  His family began the tradition of fine horsemanship on this property that exists to this day. 


In 1928 the Mallory's built the existing hacienda style home and planted the towering Sycamores along the entrance to the ranch.  The ranch was latter purchased by the Merryweather's in the 1930's and the Day family in the 1960's.  The Reeve's family then occupied the historic ranch for almost 30 years.  Today, the property is owned by the Finley family, from Tucson, Arizona. 


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