How to Plan a Family Reunion Everyone Will Enjoy

Family reunions offer lifelong memories, family fun and a relaxing setting to catch up with loved ones. But wrangling dozens of family members can be a challenge, especially if you’re dealing with dozens of family members with wildly varying budgets and destination preferences.


If you’ve been tasked with planning a family reunion, follow these steps to make the planning process as streamlined as possible.


Rally the Troops

 Begin contacting your family members at least one year prior to the reunion to get preliminary details ironed out.

  • Depending on the size of your family, deciding on a date for your reunion could be the toughest part of the planning process. Be sure to take families with young children into consideration – they’ll likely want to plan around the academic year.
  • Consider polling family members with digital tools like SurveyMonkey to gather information on date preferences, budget limitations, location preferences and other considerations.
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate! Designate a point person in each household to help wrangle opinions.


Build Your Budget


Your budget will determine most of your reunion logistics including location, activities and lodging. Make sure it works for each member of the family.

  • Reach out to your point person in each household to determine what each branch of the family tree is comfortable spending on a reunion.
  • If you have a large disparity between the big spenders and the more frugal members of the family, look to the middle of the budget disparity to find a destination that everyone will approve of. For example, if the more affluent members of your family suggest a luxurious cruise and the more budget-conscious members of the family prefer something casual like a family camping trip, work to accommodate both preferences with a trip to somewhere beautiful that won’t break the bank.


Plan Your Itinerary 


Once you’ve decided on the date, length and location of your reunion, work with family members to decide on group activities.

  • If most of your family members enjoy sports and games, consider organizing classic group games like tug-of-war and water balloon tosses for a dose of friendly competition.
  • If your family wants a calmer opportunity to reconnect, scout out outdoorsy locales for sightseeing and relaxation.
  • If your family falls somewhere in the middle, consider several activity options so family members can customize their experience without getting roped into activities they won’t enjoy.

Whether your family is looking for an adventurous, competitive reunion or a relaxing opportunity to unwind and reconnect, San Cayetano Ranch is here for you.


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