San Cayetano Ranch

San Cayetano Ranch was established in 1807 and has a history steeped in breeding Quarter horses and ranching Santa Gertrudis cattle.


Today, San Cayetano Ranch is a premier horse boarding facility and outdoor events venue that sits upon 150 acres of pristine bermuda grass pastures.  Horses graze in a serene and peaceful environment, offering a scenic venue and backdrop for events like wedding, corporate retreats, yoga retreats and more.

The pastures on our Arizona ranch are adjacent to the perennial Santa Cruz River and its towering riparian forest .  Cottonwoods, sycamores, mesquites and pecan trees line the property.  We specialize in offering personalized attention for each horse whether it be to rest, heal, retire or ride.


If you're looking for a wedding venue or boarding stables near Tucson, contact San Cayetano Ranch today.